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Legislation Issues

Legislation Policy Issues

  1. We are pleased to announce Governor Mike Rounds 2010 Initiative , which is truly a visionary approach to economic development in South Dakota :

    South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development 2010 initiative

    GOAL ONE – Double Visitor Spending from $600 million to 1.2 billion
    GOAL TWO – Increase Gross State Product (GSP) by 10 billion
    GOAL THREE – Become a Recognized Leader in Research and Technology Development
    GOAL FOUR – Brand and Develop South Dakota’s Quality of Life as the Best in America
    GOAL FIVE – Uphold Our Commitment to the 2010 Initiative as a Work in Progress
  2. James Fry, director for the Legislative Research Council, has released a report entitled…"The Roles of Innovation and Venture Capital in Economic Development", for consideration by our Legislators. Below is the text of the report.
    View the PDF document