Can Nuclear Power Ever Be Completely Safe?

Published: 2021-09-14 14:40:10
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Dear Editor, In response to the article „After Fukushima, people ask: Can nuclear power ever be completely safe? “ by Moya Irvine in „Read on“ April, 2011 I would like to state my opinion. I think that the nuclear power plants are on the one hand very effective, but on the other hand so dangerous, that they could destroy our whole planet. But what would we do without nuclear energy? We have to find some alternative, renewable energies to get an alternative solution to the atomic power plants.
When we look back to the nuclear incidents like Chernobyl, Windscale or Three Mile Island we see, that this energy is too dangerous. Such a failure, which happened in Chernobyl circa 20 years ago, also could happen in every other nuclear power plant and so we have to find other renewable energies, that we do not have to use nuclear power plants. Another problem is the nuclear waste, which is produced by the power plants. This issue is till this day not solve. Because of this, we shouldn’t support a technology, which isn’t full developed.
The only thing that the atomic power industry is doing, is to store the nuclear wast only temporarily. Until there is no final solution, I think atomic power is not a perspective for the future. Summing up, in my opinion, we should not finance such a dangerous and hostile system. Nuclear power is also not the solution for the climate change. So I appeal to all of the people- let’s stop nuclear power plants and save our kids future, because some day there will may be another Fukushima or Chernobyl. My name

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