Child and Adolescent Psychology

Published: 2021-09-02 05:45:09
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What we have here Is a set of new parents who find themselves In this position, and although they have discovered two likely candidates for caregivers, they also have another concern that most families deal with; a budget. According to our assignment, day care 1 has everything a couple could want, whereas day care 2 meets the state standard, but is lacking In some of the more extracurricular areas. From our text we know that this state In a child's life is very important, and that their development Is progressing at rapid rates, but Just how important are these extra items day care 1 has, compared to the minimum items provided by day care 2?
They are both safe areas for children, the concern for the child's safety isn't an issue, but the parents really prefer the first day care over the second. So would money be best spent if they Just saved it for some other family need? Would the extra Items at day care 1 really make that big of a deference? According to our text you may be surprised by the answer, It seems babies do more Han just sleep all day, and even when they are just lying around, they are learning more than one might expect.
There has been some debate about when an infant begins to recognize shapes and forms, but with no doubt we know that very young infants detect contours of visual stimuli, (like hair, or the chin), but not long after they begin to notice the internal patterns as well. Older Infants additionally Inspect and analyze the components of complex stimuli, scanning a variety of their visual properties and carrying out a much more deliberate, and focused search. Hat does this mean for day care option 1?

It means that those painting on the wall that may just look like good decorations, or shiny objects, are actually developmental tools that can help infants practice their more organized observations. (Bugaboo, Child and adolescent development Chip 6, Pig 1 90) If we have learned anything through the endless debate of nature and nurture, It Is that the environment does play an important role in the development of people all throughout their lives. We also know that day care 2 has more children per caregiver ND that could be a concern for the new parents.
Although there is debate between nature and nurture, both sides have agreed that both play a role in healthy development; day care 1 giving more attention per Infant could have more positive results. According to Erosion's Stages of Psychosocial Development, babies must find consistency, premeditatedly, Ana relativity In tenet caregivers' Detonators to gain a sense of trust and hope. We also know that Erikson believed that this process begins at birth and continues until about 1 year of age.
With this information we can see why having few infants per care giver could be very beneficial to the new parent's child, versus having that attention split between other infants. (Bugaboo, Child and adolescent development Chip 1, Page) Attachment is very important for humans and the more I read about it, the more it seems you only get one really good shot at it. Attachment is that delicate time when a child bond with it's caregiver, usually a mother, but not limited to other people to a certain degree, and more one on one time given to the child is more time to assist the child in developing a healthy attachment.
While this isn't the primary goal of a day care center, it is still taking place, even if it isn't consciously being practiced by the caregiver. With day care 1 we have more visual stimuli for the infant to observe, and more time with a caregiver, but what about the extra toys, and blocks lying around? Seniority stage (in Paginating theory), is the first stage of cognitive development, from birth to approximately two years of age, in which thought is based primarily on action.
One specific part of the seniority diagram is the Coordination of Secondary Schemes, n which the infant is attempting to achieve a goal with their actions. This can be something as simple as finding Wald, or more likely, for an infant, finding a building block that is missing from the table. The more objects there are for the infant to interact with, the more objects there are for the infant to hone their skills on. With all of this in mind we can see that day care 1 offers the best opportunity for healthy development given the items which assist in cognitive, social, and physical developments.
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