Do Family Friendly Policies Hurt Men?

Published: 2021-09-02 00:05:14
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But as companies add these benefits, some male employees ( and some childless women as well) have complained that the company Is spending money on benefits that flow to some workers at the expense ( at least theoretically) of others. Some men have even complained that fathers don't get assistance with child care or an opportunity to bring their babies to work. In fact, In the united States, companies do have to extend the same benefits to fathers as to mothers (except, of course, that if a mother is disabled after childbirth, she is the one who gets the usability benefit).
But men note that it is women who are more likely to use these benefits, even though studies show that men are experiencing more work- life conflict than male workers did a few decades ago. And as more pregnant women stay on the job, the disparity is as obvious as the bulging bellies.
The best way to distribute the cost and benefits of flexibility is to offer to every employee that may need it. Also the ones who It don't need the benefit of flexibility, give them a longer break for lunch or give rewards to keep the employees up to speed. 2. Do employee benefits have to be used equally In order for them to be fair or ethical? Why or why not? If you were In the HER department of a company where some employees were unhappy about this Issue, how would you recommend that the many address It?

Now if I understand this right, I believe that if the benefits were equally given to all employees and not just women with children, I believe this would be fair and ethical. Instead of being equally used, I believe all the employees should have access to all the benefits of the company. If I was in the HER department, I would say that all the TTS snow a De offer to can employee. ASK around Ana get ten employees involved and see what is most needed. Finally, find ways that would benefit both men and women.

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