Euro Currency and Tourism

Published: 2021-09-29 07:15:10
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Kenya is an LEDC country in south east Africa. Kenya is famous for its ecotourism and safari holidays. Tourism to Kenya has existed mainly due to the arrival of long haul flights and more people wanting to see different cultures of the world. . This will mean more people are willing to travel to places like Germany, France and Spain without needing to worry about the exchange rates. One advantage to Kenya is that a lot of money from tourists has been received by the people and the government through tax revenue. This money has been used to regenerate and build the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi, as well as build two airports in both areas.
Another benefit it has brought to the Kenyan people is the new job opportunities available. Because of the tourists many shops and tourist destinations like safari parks have needed more people and so employment in areas like Mombasa have fallen because of the Tourism. Lastly another advantage is that tourism is Kenya's biggest earner. As an LEDC country, jobs in Kenya are mainly in the primary sector and some in the secondary, however Kenya has many in the tertiary because of tourism, this gives it a great advantage against other LEDC countries and it earns a lot from tourism.
One disadvantage of tourism is that most of the job opportunities are unskilled, low paid and hard work. This undermines the hard working poor people in Kenya who struggle to find other work. Also, most of the money that is received from tax by the government is spent in already wealthy cities and so many villages and rural areas still remain poor. This also means shanty towns are built as most new jobs and tourist jobs are in major cities. Another disadvantage is that Kenyan companies are not running the hotel businesses and so a lot of money is leaving the Kenyan economy as the hotels are foreign owned.

Another disadvantage is that many farmers have been forced out of the way because of the increased demand for land use in tourism. This then goes on to encourage crime as more people are left unemployed. And lastly another disadvantage is that the environment has suffered as more vehicles are used and sewage is piped into the sea because the ecosystem is damaged by the increased number of tourists. One advantage of having the Euro in the UK will mean that people travelling across Europe will not have to exchange their money.
This will mean more people are willing to travel to places like Germany, France and Spain without needing to worry about the exchange rates. This will save time because of administration costs and money for people who would have had to change their money. Another advantage is that it will be easier to compare the prices in different countries because the prices are all in Euros. This will make it easier to buy products from abroad and can benefit UK consumers. Another advantage is that many foreign companies will want to set up in the UK because we have adapted the Euro. D escribe the size and structure of the food retailing sector
This is because when we are using the same currency as Europe, it will be easier to trade and collaborate with firms across the world. Joining the Euro could also mean that international companies will trade with one large country instead of several. This could mean more jobs, time and money for many firms in the UK. However, one disadvantage is that the UK government will not be able to control the interest rates of the economy because the European Central Bank manages the Euro. This will mean consumer spending etc.
will be determined by the Euro and not according to the Bank of England's monetary policy. In addition, a lot of time and money will be spent in firms changing their accounts, tills and other money related things. This may reduce aggregate supply in the economy for a short time. Also, the UK government cannot lower the exchange rate to encourage balance of payments or competitiveness with foreign markets. Overall, the disadvantages are more problematic because they affect the whole economy whereas the advantages are things that can be easily done with changes with the current Pound Sterling.
In many national parks and other areas, extraction of raw materials brings problems and benefits. Describe the problems and benefits of the extraction of raw materials for a named location which you have studied. (7 Marks) The peak district is a national park is an upland area covering mostly Derbyshire but also parts of Cheshire and Manchester. Limestone has been quarried since roman times and was used for burning and agriculture since 1521. Today it is used for road stone and cement chemicals. One problem of quarrying in the peak district is that the landscape is scarred.
An area called backdown in the peak district was left with a huge scar no the side of longstone edge. Tourists no longer visit this area. Another problem is that quarrying causes a lot of dust and pollution. Quarries in the peak district use huge water sprays to reduce this. Also, Lorries which transport the limestone make a lot of noise and have to travel on already congested roads used by many tourists. The peak district has tried to combat this problem by using the railway from tunstead and hope. However, there are many opportunities from quarrying. The quarry accounts for 10% of male employment.
With 8% of males left unemployed in and around the peak district, the quarries are a major source of income. Also, where the quarries are located, the local area has improved. For example, the large dam for the reservoir was strengthened using the limestone quarried from the peak district. This benefits the local community. And lastly, once the companies have finished quarrying, most of them regenerated the land and put back all the soil dug out. This sometimes improves the landscapes and the land use is returned to normal as it was before but replanting etc.

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