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Published: 2021-09-29 07:50:11
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I have just been employed as a business researcher for the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). My Role within the WAG is to act as a business consultant who specialises in assisting the organisations to obtain project funding from public sources. I have been assigned to work on research relating to the Sports Council for Wales (www. sports-council-wales. org. uk). I am working with Cwmbran Stadium which is located at the Henllys way, Cwmbran and ASDA (Cwmbran) as the potential sponsor.
Cwmbran Stadium is the newest sporting facility in Torfaen with the art facility complete with international-standard athletics track & field as well as a brand new eight-court sports hall. Cwmbran Stadium also has one of the best indoor bowling rinks in Wales. All sorts of activities are carried out in the Stadium such as Football, badminton, Ballet, dance, Gymnastics, Fitness training, swimming lessons and more. The facility is operated on a "pay and play" basis (with no membership required) and offers a range of classes and courses for all ages.
It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Cwmbran Town F. C. Swimming is free to under 19's when showing their library/leisure cards. This applies to term times and during school holidays. Cwmbran Stadium is a Tertiary sector of industry. The tertiary sector of economy involves the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers. The tertiary sector of economy involves the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers. The quality of most services depends largely on the quality of the individuals providing the services.

Cwmbran Stadium is a non-profit organization which aims to support or engage in activities in public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit. It provides facilities related to sports and fitness for the local people in Cwmbran. Specifically, the non-profit organizations, unlike business corporations, are not subject to market discipline for products and shareholder discipline over their capital. Non-profit organizations grow and seek larger donations, the level of scrutiny rises, including expectations of [P1]
audited financial statements. The cwmbran Stadium runs through charity and sponsors. It is created with a specific purpose which is sports. It consists of board members who control the organization and owe the organization a legal confidence of loyalty and trust. Cwmbran Stadium provides sports and fitness related facilities. It provides a state of the art Fitness Suite with facilities like Modern Health Suite including Sun Beds / Sauna / Jacuzzi / Steam Room, modern Dance/Group Exercise Studio, Sofa Cafi?? ; Bar, free car parking and many more.
Apart from that lessons for swimming, dancing are also carried out in the stadium. It is the home ground for Cwmbran Town F. C. Currently Cwmbran Stadium is mostly used for Football and Swimming. ASDA is a tertiary sector of industry. It needs to "Add Value" to their products and still face competition. As this business requires "face to face" contact with the customer, it is a little harder for overseas competition to take customers away. More significant is the idea that much of the service sector is based on the "knowledge economy" i. e.
that knowledge and information is worth money and those who posses it have the upper hand. They need to keep ahead of competitors by understanding what it is their customers want and be in a position to deliver this quickly and efficiently. ASDA is a public limited company which tends to supply public services rather than produce products. It became a subsidiary of the American retail giant Wal-Mart in 1999 and is currently the second largest chain in the UK. It has a separate legal identity to their owners. It is run by the chairperson and a board who are appointed by the government minister.
The Board has the overall responsibility for the policy and will be accountable to that minister. It also has 143,126 employees working for it. ASDA simply attaches its own brand to products provided by other companies. It also offers its staffs a discount of 10% on most items. Large amount of capital is raised from the share issue unline private limited companies which often lack capital due to no share issue. It also benefits from economies of scale e. g. bulk buying, cheaper borrowing where as the privated limited companies do not benefit from economies of scale.
ASDA provides quality goods at cheap price. The products include Grocery, General merchandise and Financial services. Services they offer include insurance (provided by Norwich Union), credit cards (provided by GE Capital Bank) and loans (provided by The Funding Corporation). It also has its own clothing range known as George. George is marketed as quality fashion clothing at affordable prices. The stores are generally white and green, with simplistic layout but built on a Wal-Mart larger footprint format - ASDA's average store is almost 20% bigger than its rivals, but stocks 20% fewer lines.

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