Facilitating the Transfer of Knowledge to Long-Term Memory

Published: 2021-09-10 08:25:09
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Recommend key Instructional strategies geared toward facilitating the transfer of knowledge to long-term memory. Next, suggest approaches that instructors may use In order to compensate for the challenges of storage Information storage and retrieval that occur with age. A key Instructional strategy geared toward facilitating the transfer of knowledge to long-term memory would be to develop a lesson plan that accommodates all learning styles. The lesson plan should relate to all students from experiences which would trigger long term feeling, emotions and thoughts.
This would help when it comes to facilitating learning. An approach I would suggest would be before every lesson has the learners write out some of their most memorable memories that they have experience in life and incorporate those memories into learning which would compensate for the challenges of storage information and retrieval that occur with age. From the e-Actually, compare the results of the two (2) quizzes / tests that you have taken. Dullness's the common thread(shore lack thereof?that the results yielded. Next, suggest which type of knowledge?I. , procedural or procedural?would yield the best results with an adult learner like you. Provide a rationale for your response. Http://move. Utopia. Org/multiple-intelligences-assessment Interpersonal This test showed that my learning style closely correspond with the interpersonal intelligences. I agree with this test because I am aware of my feelings and others feeling. Also I am an introvert. I have all these thoughts, feelings and emotions bottles up Inside and at times are afraid to share them with others because I'm not ere how they would react to them.
I prefer being alone because I like focusing on myself and Improving myself as a person. I enjoy being alone that give me time to plan my next move and strategies on how I want things to go. So I agree with the test http://www. Bark-learn. Com/English/results. Asp Kinesthesia: 13 This shows that I'm was a kinesthesia learning and I wasn't quite aware of it. I agree with this to a certain extent. I'm not good at sports but I am in touch with my hand eye coordination and have quick reactions. And at times I have a high level of energy.

But while in high school and undergrad I never participated in any sports other than trying out for cheerleaders. But while in my sports class I found that I was pretty good at playing volleyball. After being In so many classes throughout my life I've found that I learn more through visual aid. By seeing how to figure out formulas or given examples on how to write papers I've become successful at learning and processing information. So I enjoy lectures, step by step pictures and charts and

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