Leadership and Employee Relations

Published: 2021-09-02 04:25:12
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As a leader have been described as having the patience of a Saint and that I encourage free thinking. Turnover has been low for me as It was for the supervisor before me was the same type. While staff relations are not quite harmonious, they will support each other when needed. I find it difficult sometime because I have come to the conclusion not everyone has a natural desire to work hard for what they want. This makes It confusing to understand those who do not give 100% to achieve the job goals.
This will be a study of how to improve employee relations. Improving employee relations can be done by bringing morale up through effective and open communication. The supervisors ability to address concerns and to follow up on those concerns; and by setting the example will give the employee a feeling of worth. It is also important for the supervisor to show support for better or worse the employee's actions.
Delegating tasks Is not by Itself empowerment but giving guidance and encouragement and the willingness to support the employee whether the outcome was ideal or not (Weiss, Suppose, Volvo. 72 Issue 9). It is important to give employees praise and recognition for the work that they do, people like to hear when they are doing a good Job. When the only recognition heard is the pointing out of errors It brings down morale and people's work start to suffer. This writer also states that actively listening with feedback not only clarifies what is being said but also shows empathy.

Motivation can be difficult but some ways that may help is: to make sure employees have all the tools available to do a good job, recognize those employees who do a great Job, being friendly and enthusiastic can ester a better atmosphere, get input from employees to find better ways to complete a job, act quickly on complaints, avoid favoritism, and most important is for the supervisor to spend time in the workplace (Weiss, Suppose, Volvo. 72 Issue 9). The manager working side by side with the employees shows an Interest In what they do and the manager shows firsthand experience In the department.
I notable ten development AT poor employee relations rater taking ten position AT supervisor. The department had gone for 6 months without a supervisor and then I as promoted to the post. We had been working as a team to fill in the slack with the loss of our supervisor, pulling extra shifts, doing inventory, making orders, and creating schedules. Even though I had said thank you to them after receiving the posting it was not what they were looking for. As I had been one of the ones filling in on extra duties, what they wanted to hear was some acknowledgement or thank you for doing so much for so long.
It never came, now I believe if it were it would not make things better as it has been over a year now. This is what has sold me on paving praise and acknowledgment when it is due. There have been studies to support this, when employees are poled on what is important in their Job besides pay and chances to rise, they feel the need for praise and acknowledgement (Assonance, Octoroon, Volvo. 44 Issue 2). Some of the most successful businesses are those who offer employee perks and recognition as individuals. Fell-Pro of Cookie, Illinois has never had a labor dispute or a work stoppage in 68 years.
They attribute that to giving their employees extras and the recognition of each as an individual. Besides the normal financial extras that can come from a company, they have monetary recognition such as posting on an electric sign board of birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations for all to see (Articulation, Jug, Volvo. 75 Issue 7,). Recognition is a big part of morale which has a direct effect on employee relations. Unhappy employees make unhappy workplaces and that is bad for the employee and the business. Low morale starts people looking for new Jobs, someplace that is more pleasant to work.

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