Expertise Dissected Analysis

Published: 2021-09-13 19:40:09
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Makes Perfect In the essay "Expertise Dissected," Daniel J. Levities believes that barely anyone can become an expert in their area without continuous practice. Moreover, he mentions that although talent is a major factor that people acquire skills more rapidly than others, with only talent, one cannot achieve success in that area. Finally, Levities emphasizes that practice is the most essential factor leading to a significant achievement. From my point of view, I totally agree with Levities' opinions. Based on y life experience and the book I read, I think his points are totally correct.
All in all, practice is the most important foundation for success. People need to practice if they want to achieve the dream they have wished. Taking Vivian, who took same COCCIDS class with me, as an example, she is a student majoring in philosophy. And she is extremely smart and always has many unique thoughts. However, we shared the same situation where we both failed COCCIDS for five times. Last quarter, I noticed that there was a change happening in her. From my observation, she started to ask he professor for extra prompts every time after each class.
Before, she was always hanging out with her friends and paid little attention to this writing class. Now, she realized that she could not afford another failure in COCCIDS , otherwise she would be kicked out from SCUDS. So she decided to practice more, which actually led to a reward. At the end of that quarter, she finally passed the exit exam. However, I failed again since I did not study hard enough. The contradiction from Vivian and me shows that Levity's points are totally correct that people can not get a significant achievement without practice.

Levities mentions that even one is equipped with brilliant talent, he also has to practice since " practice makes perfect," which I think is totally right. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player ever, won NAB championships for six times. He is a world-class basketball star, who promotes NAB and basketball to every corner of all over the world. When he was a high school student, his amazing basketball talent started to blossom. Even though he had brilliant talent, he still trained more than ten hours a day. The fact that the Chicago Bulls selected him did not stop him from practicing.
He is always the one who first arrived in gym and the last one left the gym. After day and day training, he was able to help the team win championship for six times and win himself the most valued player for five times. Just as authors mentioned, talent is a gift from God, however practice makes this gift being discovered more deeply. There are many evidence showing that people are easily to fail if they stop practice, no matter how talented they are. For example, doodads, with the developing of the entertainments, more and more fantastic game was welcomed by adults.
The defend of Ancients, one of popular games, becomes the best game, and it already had more than ten millions players all over the world. Dad, one of top players in China, is good at playing this game. At first, he helped the team win the champion of the Electronic Sports World Cup. With his past teammates still fighting for their game life, he had to retire since he was so complacent that he ignored the importance of practice. Also, there were lots of negative reports about his fife after that winning and according to these reports, he smoked weed and drank almost everyday.
From this example, we could easily tell that talent only plays an important role in the very beginning of ones success, and what led to ones ultimate achievement is practice. Both Levities and I believe in the importance of practice. We also hold the same idea that it is more essential than talent in the long run. A man born with talents only means he is lucky and can acquire a specific skill more quickly than others. However, practice is what really makes him achieve further success in his field.

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