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Published: 2021-09-11 09:15:10
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My Favorite Actor I never thought about that actor I liked but after analyzing it I think the actor that I like and that caught my attention since I was young is Tom Hanks because he was a collogue student that seemed to have no future in acting and he was not very good on his classes in theater, I leaned that he was born in Concord California his childhood was like a normal kid with, divorced parents his father was descendant of British and his mom Portuguese descent.
Hanks was a very shy boy, so the theater classes in high school were as a refuge since he was not popular in school. Interestingly later he continued in theater while studying in California Chabot College. He had no acting experience in college and, in fact, credits the fact that he couldn't get cast in a college play with actually starting his career. He went downtown, auditioned for a community theater play, was invited by the director of that play to go to Cleveland, and there his acting career started.
His first TV show "Bosom Buddies" (1980) where he meet his second wife the actrees Rita Wilson. I still remember when I went to the cinema to see this film "Splash" seemed formidable. I still remember the beautiful mermaid, in those years I found it in credible. I also want to mention that seemed to me something like that with the hit movie "Big," "Joe Versus the Volcano" or "Bachelor Party" (these last two do not remember very well but they were commented in the 80's)

Tom Hanks was typecast in the roll of movies comic actor or light and family, no one thought that was going to perform as well in a role as "Philladelphia" in the role of a gay man dying of AIDS is very well played, was really very believable the character that Tom Hanks in this role that I play in Philladelphia, again showed his acting discipline to lose weight for characterization, to show a man really damaged by this terrible disease.
Another famous movie .. where he showed his great talent as an actor was "Forrest Gump" Fascinate how developing the role of a man with some level of mental retardation, the posture, the faces, the accent. Simply stunning. I also learned that after filming "The Green Mille" filmed the first part of the movie "Cast Away" then began a strict diet after which lost more than 30 pounds of weight, grew a beard and began a process of tanning to continue filming.
This information seemed important to emphasize that not only is the dress up for memorizing dialogues and act but also how hard it to be the be on diets either to lower or raise a character to represent adequately. Certainly caught my attention in this movie than most of it we see only one man talking to a volley ball (Wilson is unforgettable) Almost the entire sequence of the island, no background music you hear only the sound of the sea. The island is totally inhospitable boring and lonely.
Hanks is capable of a performance in which not need anything more than himself hallucinating talking to Wilson. To maintain the film in a high level. of a meticulous man . The viewer really believe when he is afraid and the things he does with his character of a meticulous man, when he goes crazy for the toothache, when sick of being alone, when he has the look of a hermit and hardened man, when mourning the loss a human symbol… In my view his work was very well done.

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