My Scary Experience

Published: 2021-09-02 06:45:10
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Seven months ago, in Pan Rang, Vietnam I took a scary experience for a herd of mice at my house. Those happened with my mother, my sister and me. First, my mother, young sister and I heard noises above the ceiling and the kitchen. Then, we were finding them, and I discovered the black chits on the corners, floors and in the pans in kitchen. Moreover, my little sister found a pink baby mouse lying on the toilet, and she said that:" It's so cute". That which I couldn't stand and I felt them really terrible. We told our mother and cleaned all of them.
Next, in the morning, my little sister and I set the mouse traps and glue- boards in the corners around inside house, at holes in front of the door and on the cooking- stove. However, we thought the difficulty things to catch all of them that mice living on the ceiling, and they moved down on the pipes. Also, they went on the walls and went down many different ways. On the other hand, mice were the smart animals so we were hard to deal with them. In addition, my mother saw a lot of mice In the traps and some struggling on the glue- boards.
Then, she told my young sister and me put them under sunshine, which made them die, and brought them to the garbage. I wore rubber gloves and I must hold their stomach to take them away glue. If some were alive, I could feel them move and breathe. In fact, I was so scary and seemingly, I could cry right away. That herd of mice was decreased. However, we moved to another house. My mother, my young sister and I absolutely had a scary experience about finding and catching mice but we calmed down and found the good ways to work around. No matter what happens to another, I will be ready to face and derive valuable experience.

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