Phonology and English Classes

Published: 2021-09-05 06:35:25
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The teacher formed a group of the pupils to prepare us in advance for studying English in the fifth form. At that time, I was amazed with it. It was something totally new for me and I felt very proud of being able to say some sentences like: "What's your name? " and to answer this question like "My name is Angela". I felt I was not a little girl anymore, since I could "understand" a foreign language. Besides, I don't know very well why, but English had mom kind of attractive power over me and I never got bored during the English classes.
At present I'm in my second year at university. I have English classes now as well. The periods pass quite interestingly. The instructor gives us different tasks. Once we derived various words by adding prefixes or suffixes. The point was to do It as fast as possible. We also revise grammar by doing tests, learn texts, tell dialogues and take part in the conference. Surely, I don't know the language perfectly. My weakest point is audition. It is difficult for me to know by ear what people say as they sometimes speak with fast or with pronounced accent.
My another weak point Is my laziness to learn new words but I try to fight it. However I have some merits. For example, I know grammar and endeavourer to speak correctly and observe Intonation. My studies are connected not only with calculating Integrals but with writing programmed and reading different scientific articles in English, that's why I must enlarge my vocabulary further to read books easily. To master the language fluently is what I want In the future.

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