The Story of the Good Brahman

Published: 2021-09-03 00:45:10
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The Story of the Good Brahmas Based on my basic knowledge about Indian society, Brahmins hold the highest status in Indian's caste system. I perceive that the story will be similar to bible stories like, the good shepherd. However, what I encountered in reading the selection is a Brahmas, specifically, a confused Brahmas who Is not happy with his life. The Brahmas who Is a philosopher himself, constantly questions his existence, his essence, and his wit.
He had all the luxuries, the wealth, and three beautiful wives but he is not happy with all f those. On the first look, he is much blessed compared to his neighbor who is very poor and imprudent. But his neighbor, the old woman is happy with her life. There goes the story of the old woman, who has nothing. She has no wealth, no knowledge, and no problem. She Just had enough faith In Vishnu and the Ganges River to wash herself every day. It seems that the old woman Is contented with her life even though she can see the glamorous living of her Brahmas neighbor.
When the Brahmas was asked if he wanted to give up his wealth and knowledge for him to be happy, he effused as he doesn't want to be in the same condition as the old woman. He thought and believes that being means one has to be imbecile. After hours of reflection and re-reading of the selection, I realized that the story doesn't go around the story of the Brahmas but of both him and the old lady. I think that the title of the story Is inappropriate because It Is not all about the Brahmas himself. He Is not even a "good" Brahmas for me.

I don't see any reason why the author should call him a good Brahmas. Yes, he is honest with himself and does not deceive anyone. But with all the blessings in his life, he doesn't know how to be contented. In the class discussion, the real reason why the old woman is much happier than the Brahmas was revealed. The reason was Ignorance. It served as a prison, a box for the old woman from questioning everything. She Is confined with her poor life without asking why she Is poor while the Brahmas Is rich. She decides to be Ignorant and be content with what she has.
This box of ignorance made the old woman happy as she is not aware of what is happening in the society. This made her contented. Because of her ignorance, the woman is in Nirvana. On the other hand, the old witty Philosopher, have so much wealth but so much problem in his life. He is not contented with his life. Because of his wide knowledge, he also has more questions which could only give him problems In his life. If I were to choose whether to be the Brahmas or the old woman, I prefer to be the old woman in the case that she has peace of mind in her heart. But will not criticize or hate the Brahmas.
I truly believe that we can be a pappy creature and at the same time reason out. Why would I be bothered and be problematic by the things that I cannot change and the things that I might never know? Also, If there's a means on changing my state by working hard, then I won't give up. I enjoy talking about many things with my friends. There are a lot of things that opinions and beliefs. Reasoning out doesn't mean that we have to be unhappy. It is a matter of perspective and each of us has a different level of contentment. For me, the greatest pursuit of all mankind is happiness.

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