What is our future going to be like if we continue

Published: 2021-09-05 19:10:15
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As technology advances to enhance our lives, we begin to take no heed of the environment surrounding us. There are approximately 7 billion people In the world, and due to the vast population, our resources are dramatically being depleted. Another reason why resources are being wasted Is that people don't know how to be echo-efficient due to lack of exposure to Information/awareness. It Is also cheaper to perform activities without the concern of harming the environment.
For example, most petrol cars are cheaper than electric cars. Lastly, some things work better and are efficient (despite harming [depleting the environment) than echo-friendly reduces. If we ruthlessly persist to waste resources, we will face a tremendous number of problems In the future. When resources begin to run out, prices get higher as the demand increase. This eventually leads to the ultimate annihilation of the resources, thus making the human survival to gradually decrease.
We then must have to look for another source to depend until we totally wipe out its presence. This cycle will continue until we have n resources left, thus leaving us vulnerable and a possibility of experiencing slow extinction, as a human race. We should first look onto ourselves and start individually by adjusting our lifestyles to as much "environmental-efficiency as we can.

Simple ways include recycling, turning off lights when not in use, buying echo-friendly products, and much more. Once you've felt that you've done enough to be "green", begin to spread your concerns and knowledge with other to show your efforts of conserving the Earth's resources. Begin a club or join an organization and help your community (planting gardens or simply picking up garbage). If everyone can make a small act of kindness, everyone's efforts can make a huge difference!

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